The Story


Renn Ventures is the exclusive joint venture firm for GMO VenturePartners and GMO Payment Gateway of Japan, a top 3 VC firm and #1 online payment service provider. Renn runs all US investment activity for both organizations, as well as strategic innovation. Renn has been working with GMO Internet groups since 2015. 

How We Work

Renn facilitates venture capital, venture debit, warehouse facilities, and advisory to high growth technology businesses. Depending on the solution, Renn will utilize it’s respective partner to lead and execute support.


What is Renn’s Scope?


Renn’s founder and CEO is the US Venture Partner for GMO VenturePartners, allocating out of a $70M fund called the Global Fintech Fund. The mandate is 50%+ Fintech, where we write $2M strategic checks to growth stage fintech companies (Series A-C), and 15-20 Seed stage checks with a broader focus.

Venture Debt, Credit Facility

Renn is supporting GMO Payment Gateway in it’s Institutional Credit business for the US. GMO PG holds $XXXM in credit capital. We look at business in the asset backed lending and advance space for Credit Facilities. Additionally, GMO PG looks at venture debt opportunities to high growth companies that have achieved product market fit and are looking for debt capital to scale.


What is “Renn”?

Inspired by legendary racing figures in the automotive industry, Rennsport (RS) is the mark of the highest performance vehicles.

Renn Ventures, in turn represents excellence in engineering and performance of a firm.


For those familiar with the adage and philosophy “Software is eating the world,” we would be remiss to believe the notion need not apply to the concept of investing and the way the capital markets work as well.

As technology moves through each industry as a catalyst of transformation, the fundamental principles of how we research, connect, and build companies will forever change as well.

Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon has an infamous saying that resonates…
“Your margin is my opportunity.”

So while the investors, bankers, and fund managers rest on their laurels in models of yesteryear, we remain conscientious that past performance indeed does not guarantee future success.

Asset Management is changing; technology the catalyst.

Renn Ventures.

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